The Fitch Factor

Doing a sale with us is very simple. We handle every step from appraising the estate to sending you a check in the mail.


The first step we take in any sale is pricing each item at its optimal selling point. Our experts are trained in the art of resale, and are prepared to appraise high volumes of used items for maximum selling potential.


After appraising each item, we arrange all items for display to allow them to be admired and sold to the public. High-end items, such as vehicles, collectibles, and valuables often require additional maintenance and preparation.


One of our biggest resources at Fitch Estate Sales is our ability to bring the public to a sale. We do extensive advertising, both through traditional media outlets, and through our own business following to bring buyers to a sale. We have a loyal following of interested buyers and an excellent public rapport in regard to sales hosted by us.


Our sales team runs the sale, converting your property into cash. Everything will sell, from Tupperware to Tiffany.


Any additional property that needs to be delivered to customers will be handled by our employees. If any items remain unsold after the sale, we will handle donations for you, as well as clean up any unwanted items that remain at the estate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I can save money by putting on a sale myself?

Surprisingly, people who host their own sales usually make far less money than those who hire us to put on the sale for them. Even after our commission, you will still come out of our sale with more money that you would have made doing your own sale.

Our pricing and sales expertise allows us to sell property better, faster, and for more money than inexperienced sellers. Also, the traffic that we generate for a sale is over five times what a typical seller can bring. That means over five times the interest, five times the demand, and five times higher the return on liquidation. Even after the cost of putting on the sale, you still make more money if we put on the sale for you, and it's much less work for you.

Less work + more money = happy clients and satisfied customers.

Do the owners of the property need to have passed away before I can have a sale?

Absolutely not. We have several clients who choose to liquidate property because they are downsizing, moving, or because they wanted to save their kids the hassle of having to deal with everything after they are gone. If you want to convert property to cash for any reason, we are here to help.

What is your rate of commission?

Our commission will vary depending on the estate, which is why we don't guarantee any particular commission or cost until we have reviewed your property. Commissions will be calculated based on the value of the estate (higher value = lower commissions) and the cost of putting on the sale.

How much does it cost to have my estate reviewed?

Absolutely nothing! If you would like to have a sale, or liquidate property, we can make an appointment to review your estate at absolutely no cost to you.

My neighborhood does not allow me to have an estate sale. What should I do?

One of our most popular services is our buyout procedure, which allows you to sell the contents of an estate without having to have an actual estate sale. Our movers can come and pick up your property, and we will write you a check on the spot. No hassles, no sales, just turn your property into money!

What if I only want to sell a few items?

A buyout might be the best option for you. If you have a few items, or even a single item that you would like to sell, get in touch with our experts and we will let you know if it is something we can buy individually. Jewelry, diamonds and gemstones, coin collections, vintage men's watches, gold, and silver are always good to sell individually, and we are prepared to purchase these from you directly at premium wholesale price.

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